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Anyone participating in our incredible Athletics programs will come home with new knowledge and skills. Our staff ensures that everyone will enjoy every moment, and we will keep everyone busy throughout the time at our friendly Gym.


Winter Session January 06 to March 16, 2023

Aerial Arts and Dance Classes 


Aerial Arts: Aerial Arts is a type of practice or performance in which one or more artists perform aerial dance and acrobatics while hanging from different apparatuses like silks, trapezes, or Lyra.

Circus Arts Classes 

Circus Art: Circus Arts combines performance, acrobatics, gymnastics, and traditional disciplines such as gymnastic wheel aerial silks, trapeze and Lyra, flexibility juggling, trampoline, g- ball, physical theater, and more.

Competitive Wheel Classes 

Wheel Jam Competitive Classes - for children, teens, and adults. Wheel gymnastics is an international competitive sport governed by the IRV (International Rhoenrad Verband www. wheel gymnastics. sport). Some members of our program represent TEAM USA at international events, including the World Championships. We offer four advanced classes to help our students excel in the sport and art of wheel gymnastics.

Gym and Cyr Wheel 


Gymnastic Wheel: The large wheel consists of two circles in parallel, which are framed together with six spokes. Two are simple tubes, two are equipped with a handle, and two have a footrest. The diameter of the wheel depends on the length of the gymnast so that the gymnast can hold themself on the grips when fully stretched.  Cyr Wheel: Cyr Wheel is a large metal ring with a rubber-like outside coating.


​Beginner classes:

     A Beginner has just started learning to do something and cannot do it well yet.

Advanced 1 level:

    This level is on invitation only by the coach. We are further developing the technical skillset.

Advanced 2 Level:

     This level is on invitation only by the coach. A well-rounded educational set to be able to perform in our end of the year ”Wheel thru the Season“ Spectacular.

Aerial Arts & Dance
Circus Arts
Competitive WHEEL
Gym & Cyr WHEEL
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